Keep Your Lawn Pristine

Look to us for lawn maintenance services in Elm City & Wilson, NC

Do you want a healthy, vibrant and welcoming lawn without having to do constant weekend yard work? If so, Pristine Turf Management & Landscaping can help you out. Our lawn maintenance services are the perfect way to create a beautiful lawn.

Our crew can handle everything you'll need done, from sod installations to aeration work. With options for recurring services, you'll be able to keep your lawn in great condition at all times. Call 252-399-9560 today to get a free estimate on your Elm City, NC lawn maintenance services.

What are the benefits of installing a sod lawn?

If you're torn between using grass seed or sod for your new lawn, consider the benefits of a sod installation. Although sod is more expensive upfront, it saves you time and effort and leaves you with better results.

With sod, you don't have to worry about...

Waiting weeks for your grass to grow
Watering your lawn as frequently
Filling in sparse spots in the grass seed
Eroding soil in sloped or hilly areas
Weeding pesky, opportunistic plants

Do you have any questions about our sod installation or lawn maintenance services in Elm City or Wilson, NC? Contact us now to learn more about our work.